Storj Network Growth Plan

You should see this from the customer perspective. They have some files that they want to store for a short time and a TTL is perfect for that. Just pay for the time it should be stored in the network and easy cleanup with no extra costs. Other providers don’t like that and charge the customer a minimum time even if they delete a file after a short time. They still get charged for a full month or so. That can get real expensive without a TTL.


Yes, of course, in the end the customer chooses his storage strategy. The problem in the end is that all internet connections will be saturated.

And right now I have a doubt, if a client uploads, for example 1tb, as soon as he finishes uploading it, he deletes it and before the 7 days that it is stored in the trash he can recover it?
If he performs this same procedure continuously, he would not pay for the storage used because I want to believe that the trash is not paid, is this possible?

No this is not possible. The customer can’t restore a file from trash.


Or even three months.
Based on this, I assume that the potential customer has a TTL lower than 1 month.
Can you say what the potential TTL of that customer is?

And I understand why… :slight_smile:

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Why not just say “mostly 30 days”?

It has a different TTL, 14 days, 1 day (someone reported), 30 days and 99 years (or more).
You may check your databases to be aware of the exact numbers.
I just searched what is other reported.