Storj no longer works properly

Until about 1 hour ago Storj ran very well for me. It’s running in the docker on Synology. But suddenly I had no more traffic. I checked the ports on the outside. It all fits. Then rebooted Synology and Router, which did not help. After that I used ssh to execute the commands: docker stop -t 300 storagenode, docker rm storagenode and docker pull storjlabs/storagenode:beta and restart Docker. Since then I have almost only failed. . . Before it ran without error messages. Any advice, anyone?

My traffic goes down too.
I have no error log at the moment but see it on Grafana.

No real error here, looks like you just not winn tha race, may be something use your connection, and you not have enouth trafik to be the first, like windows update, it takes big files.

I still get the same traffic for download but a lot less upload traffic

Egress or ingress? what from then is less?

If you meant me: Ingress is less, egress is about the same

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same thing, Ingress gone lower, about half lower

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I watched my network. There is no traffic and therefore no update of Windows etc.

The mentioned errors have disappeared in the log file. But what is striking is that the traffic has dropped by around 90%. I am operating 2 nodes on 2 different connections and the situation is the same for both. Egress is similar to the last few days

My node suddenly lost traffic and many requests is failing.

I still got download traffic but all uploads fail with context cancelled…

Almost upload fail with context cancelled …
After confirming, it was not communicating with
Other satellites had an orders log.

I have an upload every two minutes on average and it runs without error message, but the traffic has dropped completely. I’m a little confused right now.

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So, now i checked my Logs and have the same problem like Frieseba.
Many upload failed informations and a lot of less upload traffic.

Hope the Devs will see this Thread soon and help us.

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Please see updates in this thread related to up and downloads being temporarily paused.

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I noticed the same too, Net IN have stalled, but Net OUT is still running.
Data is being deleted