STORJ no more listed on ZigZag exchange


I don’t know if Storj forum is the right place to ask this question. Sorry in advance.

I’ve been using Zigzag exchange to sell some of my STORJ on zksync L2. But today I’ve noticed it is no more listed on Zksync.

Is that something Storj company can fix?

Thanks a lot!

Afaik Storj Labs was not directly involved in getting STORJ listed on Zigzag. I think if they see a sufficient number of users contact them or tweet at them demanding they relist STORJ that could have an impact. I am not familiar with the listing process at Zigzag. Have you researched what they require for a listing? Perhaps it was not intentional that it got deactivated, or they may be doing maintenance. Please file a support ticket with them to help clear this up.

Maybe something like Numio wallet could help you exchange your zkSync STORJ.


#Edit - Forgot its not working time, so maybe Liquidity providers down for maintenance, maybe leave a few days…

Hi, Good spot - I’ve been using ZigZag to swap, as it’s the official exchange linked from the official zkSync wallet when you select “swap” from zkSync Wallet | zkSync: secure, scalable crypto payments

I’ve done a quick bit of digging, and the L1 smart contract is still linked and available on L2 Explore zkSync L2 Blockchain | zkSync Block Explorer

However, The L2 Liquidity providing node, that enabled the token to be listed in ZigZag doesn’t look like it’s working so the token has been delisted.

i.e. there is no liquidity to enable the exchange of Storj token currently…

Maybe worth contacting ZigZag to make sure…

Numio is a no go currently (app 2.6.4), again when trying to swap Storj it doesn’t offer it as valid key pair… it did a few weeks ago ?

Would be great if Storj could reach out to these providers… It is after all their token, and they have input for the Zksync system.



There are some limitations as to what Storj Labs can do while maintaining the status as a utility token. Regulations and stuff. Not sure if this would fall under that. Either way, it’s best if the community at least also signals their demand for this.

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@Trooper previously mentioned having a liquidity node. Maybe they can comment.

Yes thats right, I was running both pairs (USDC and ETH) for a few months now. Right now I dont have the liquidity to spare to run it though. I plan to have it up again next week.

Also, some more insides about ZigZag and zkSync: ZigZag does have permissionless token listing, so there is no thing as us turning of any market. Anyone is free to run a marketmaker themself - there is a free market maker bot on GitHub.
Numio does not have any liquidity for STORJ right now, as they use ZigZag to offer swaps on zkSync.


Thanks a lot!
I saw indeed they have some guidelines to run your own liquidity node. But didnt have time to set it up so far.

ZigZag is permissionless layer 2 exchange and everyone can list and market make erc-20 tokens on it.

How to list token -

How to market make -

STORJ pairs already available on the exchange.