Storj node and updater wont start

Yesterday my node all of a sudden shut down and now neither the updater or the storagenode services wont start

saying error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly

Sorry to hear that happened!

How are you running your node? Is there a way you could get more detail of the logs so we can diagnose the problem?

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any starting point? you just want me to list every single element? or can you start with asking a non general question?


this morning i download the installer as the link wasnt working last night, it said update, so i did and now its just sitting here.

got it sorted i uninstalled and reinstalled everything

Thanks because youre software crashed during an update now i have just lost 6 months rep on my Node. Honestly just so done with all of this nonsense, time after time cant just make this work without you guys screwing something up.

Thanks alot

Please stop your node and check your logs for the reason. The updater cannot disqualify your node, but manual reinstallation with a wrong path to a previous data - can.
When you reinstall, you provide a path and if it’s wrong (doesn’t have an expected data), your node will be quickly disqualified because of missing previous data.

So please check your logs and fix an issue with path before your node would be disqualified on all other satellites.