Storj node + bitcoin lightning node

Does any one of you got btc lightning node together with storj node to get better economic efficiency per node?

Does lightning nodes are economically profitable? At the moment full btc blockchain is about 300GB so I’ll need to take up to 500GB froj storj node to do a lightning node.

Any ideas?

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You should not run a Lightning node and expect to make money. If you want to make money, sparing 350gb for Storj is the better option.

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Hi @demeo, my raspberry run storj and a lightning node. Actualy it isn’t profittable but I like the idea of having it and support the network

@bota87 Does your lightning node have any stats available to public?

What do you mean? If I have public channels? Yes I have

No, we want to know costs and profits. Well I think so.

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The costs are low, after the hardware you need some bitcoin for the channels. The profits are irrilevant. The last month I’ve made 100 sats. The channel open cost is about 150 sats at 1 sat/byte, with the actual mempool is a pain…

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