Storj Node Dashboard Not Accessible/Loading

I followed the setup instructions, have forwarded the port needed to the correct PC (I have other ports forwarded correctly, so I’m reasonably confident this info is correct), I went through the Windows GUI install and it said finished. Task Manager shows storj is running, but the dashboard fails to load. Everything with the install seemed to work properly, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here, any help is appreciated.

Other details of my setup that may help: This is a windows 10 VM setup under unraid with 4 threads (2 cpu cores). I stored storj data on the VM C drive, but am using a secondary disk (mounted, not network attached) to store the storj data on. That second drive is 8TB and I allowed 7TB to be used for Storj. I previously used Storj many years ago (V1), but have not been able to get V3 up and running so far.

Please, give me 20 last lines from the logs: How do I check my logs? - Node Operator

Sorry for my slow response. I was just about to pull the logs, but it looks like the dashboard is working now! Maybe it just took awhile to initialize something? Either way, thanks for your willingness to help! I’ll message back if I have any other issues.

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