STORJ Node IPv6 traffic?

So I forgot to initially set IPV6 for the STORJ node and deleted the docker container, set up a new one to use the same container name and updated the address option to -e ADDRESS=“sub-domain.domain.tld:28967” after configuring the DNS A record to what the previous setting was and also adding the AAAA record for the IPv6 address. STORJ node is up again, but I do not see any IPv6 traffic. I read that with some STORJ node operators IPv6 accounts for about half their traffic. Seems weird, because I do not see much, yet. How do I verify the node works on IPv6, too, really?

Hi @svet0slav
IPv6 traffic only comes from self hosted gateways, the StorJ hosted gateways are not IPv6 compatible.

I hadn’t seen this before, do you know where it was referenced?

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OK. Thanks! Now I have dual stack, so it should be fine.

In the forum. I do not remember the thread now, but I saw something like that, so I though to add IPv6 support, too.

These were probably old posts. There used to be a test satellite that wasn’t hosted on GCP and supported IPv6. But that has been decommissioned since. There are currently no satellites that support it. That said, can’t hurt to future proof. I run dual stack as well.

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OK. Thanks a lot! I appreciate it.

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