Storj node on M1 Mac mini

Hello all,

I recently upgrade to an M1 Mac mini and have been struggling with finding the right docker version to run storj on. The latest versions do not support storj as recommended by storj docs and when trying earlier versions, I always run into problems especially with the docker versions running on Rosetta. I managed to find one that runs natively on Apple Silicon (v 3.6) however it runs fine for a few hours and then hangs completely. The CPU and RAM usage drops to 0 and nothing is generated in the logs. I have to restart it on a daily basis to keep it running and when I’m out of town for a few days, I’m always suspended by all satellites.

Did anyone else have anymore success?

I’ve tried some months on my Mac mini M1. Will never do it again. Docker is unstable and often crashes. Very often. When you reduce to 1-2 CPUs and limit RAM to sth like 800 MB it runs a bit longer. The M1 is just too fast…

Additionally i had outages and issues with Thunderbolt connected HDDs - not sure, which weird things MacOS is doing with the storage - the recommended file system by storj is not supported. Disabling Spotlight and energy saving on that drive does not help.

On top of that, running storj within a VM was also not a solution for me - I would have need to invest another money into a full VM license with a good and reliable performance.

These outages and issues are poison for the quality of your node. I’ve finally switched back to my Raspi4B and cannot recommend to run a node on MacOS.

I could link a couple of topics here as well, from the issues I’ve experienced. But the best summary is the description above. :v:t2: