Storj Node Operator Survey

Storj Node Operator Survey

Regarding Update Proposal for Storage Node Operators

@Bryanm has made a Storj Node Operator Survey

We value your input and sharing your node information will help inform the team for next steps.
Please consider taking the time to participate in the survey.
Thank you.


Maybe have an option of how many nodes a person runs so we dont need to submit more then 1 survey.


Great idea! Thank you.
Forwarding this.

I consolidated the amounts of all 3 of my nodes since they are on the same /24

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I will complete the survey for each node, because they are started at different times, and I will put the data for february, because averaging with the other months dosen’t make sense. The data changes from month to month, and in the last 5 months the traffic increased subtantialy.

I’m gonna do like @KernelPanick did and will aggregate all my nodes’ data as one, sounds to me like a good approach :slight_smile:

After the survey’s end, can you show us the statitics?