STORJ-Node Optimizations in the Config.file

Hello together,

in the config.yaml there are still alot optimizations to be realized.

At the beginning of a node start there is the INFO message if the telemetry is enabled:

Does anyone know how to disable it?

I have also put everywhere a hashtag before telemetry trying to disable it:

As for the version check interval I put 24h as 15min is way too short.


For the HDD there is the piece-scan on startup omitted:

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Why do you want to disable telemetry? Do you know what it does? Maybe it’s important for normal operation of the node/network, or for impruvements.

From my guessing it is also some kind of overhead and I’m trying to minimize not neccessary traffic.

This is not overhead. Telemetry is collected anyway, but when disabled to sent it, it simple doesn’t sent.
Nothing related to the overhead, just the decision, do you want to help or not.

I think, especialy for this type of service, that is based on a decentralized network with so many configurations, is very important for developers all the feedback and statistics from the nodes, they can get. Is much more easy to tune things when you have more realistic and real time data about the effects of your tuning. And I believe that the mentioned telemetry is not so resource intensive, in a way that would have a visible impact on a node. My advise is to let it on, to be sent to Storj.

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