Storj node set up issue with DOS partition table format

Hello, I have a 5.5 TB disk to run node for Storj. When I try to format and create a new partition, the screen show the warning about the DOS partition as attached file


So the size of disk change to 2 TB for Storj Node only. I tried to use Gparted to create partition table for my disk to GPT already, but the DOS partition table format still appear as I mention.

Could anyone help me with this issue? Thanks!





and Google, for example


Here’s my gdisk scan status, the gpt is present. I used Gparted to partition it. Does the issue come from the protective MBR?

Hello @ThaiTruong ,
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The MBR (disklabel DOS) partitions cannot be greater than 2TB. So, your MBR partition will remain 2TB in size.
You need to re-partition your disk with GPT and create partitions either with gdisk or with gparted.
You cannot safely use both on the same disk.
Warning. The repartition will destroy your data, so, backup everything you need from it before continue.