Storj node suddenly overfilled

I found that my storage node suddenly shows 6 tb used, but I don’t have any recent ingress to the node. The dashboard shows the node is 2.66 tb overused. Is there any way to diagnose the problem?

describe the setup please.

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What’s filesystem, what’s actual usage (du --si -s /mnt/storj/storagenode/storage/blobs or Properties of the Drive if Windows).

It seems like I’m going to have to let the command run before I get a response from the terminal.

Please provide the type of the filesystem, is it exFAT? If so, you need to backup your data, reformat it to ext4 if Linux or NTFS if Windows and restore data.
exFAT uses 128kiB cluster size, so data will use much more disk space than required.

You may check the filesystem type:

Linux bash

df --si -T


fsutil fsinfo volumeinfo E:

The drive is ext4. The du --si -s command is still running in a tmux session.

The node is running and the audit score is steady.

Is 3,38 TB the proper size which you entered in the parameter or config file?

And it just happended over night? Was it full for some weeks or months?

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In this case it’s possible only if you have had a greater allocation size, then reduced it.

I reduced the allocated size a couple of weeks ago so that the ingress would flow to my other nodes. It’s a Seagate expansion external drive and it seemed like it wasn’t keeping up anymore. By making the drive “full” I’ve been able to keep it online.

The drive never had more than 3.4 TB downloaded.

The funny thing is that the drive is still online, stable and passing audits.

Of course, only a full scan can do a stress for the HDD.

Is there a way to get a list of blobs from the satellites? Also, can you recommend any diagnostic software? I’m running Ubuntu server LTS. I’ve got other Linux boxes as well. Thanks.

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If you redirected logs to the file, then you need to search in that file.