Storj Node was offline for more than 2 weeks what to do?


Due to power fluctuations (and USB + Raspi4 has issues, I do not know what was the problem but now it seems to be running fine),
my storage node has not been able to run continuously and was offline for 2 weeks or so.
The node is not old (still in 4-6 months) and since the suspension for one of the satellites is around 95%, others are at 100 still.
And the online status is between 83-85% for almost all satellites.
The audit is 100% so assuming no data loss on my node

My questions:

  • is it advisable to reset the storage node and then restart again?
  • should I continue to run this node for a while? The question is more related to whether the system will recover from this and the reputation be back for the node?

Any guidance much appreciated. Thank you.

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Keep running the node. There’s nothing in what you’ve written to suggest it won’t recover.


It’d be good to know what was wrong to avoid further issues.

It’s worth noting that RPi4s have a weak power supply shared amongst all usb ports, so it’s adisable to use a powered hub when devices plugged to the RPi4 don’t have their own power supply (e.g. 2.5" disks).