Storj node with Nginx


First of all, thank you I am really happy with the project.
Today I would like to be able to send all my traffic through a single “dispatcher”. For a few weeks I have been trying not to map my external port directly to the port of my storagenode instance. I have tried a few things:

iptables (PREROUTIN - Forward …) => No result .

Traefik => TCP Ok, UDP Ko, traefik seems to have a too small buffer to use quic-go ?

Nginx => TCP Ok UDP Ko

Here is a part of my nginxconfiguration with a proper buffer :

server {
listen 28967 ;
listen 28967 udp;

    proxy_buffer_size 16384k;
    proxy_bind $remote_addr transparent;
    proxy_pass receiving_servers;
upstream receiving_servers {
    server X.X.X.X:28967; 

I’ve searched the forum but couldn’t find a similar topic. Anyone have the same situation or have a lead to suggest?

Thank you in advance

Hello @Gamgnesium ,
Welcome to the forum!

Why do you need this?
Why the simple port forwarding is no go for you?

I am aware that this adds potential failure points. Today I have a security box that allows me to protect (moderately) from L3/4 and some L7 attacks for my personal services. I would have liked to use this box to protect my storagenode