Storj not shown in wallet?

So I have opted in for zkSync Era a while back and have gotten 4 payouts. I see my storj on zkSync Era Explorer but I don’t see it in my MEW wallet when I select zkSync Era. My wallet address is the same on both MEW and the Explorer.

How do I fix this?

You have to add it manualy.(maybe, if possible at all)

The token adress is 0xA0806DA7835a4E63dB2CE44A2b622eF8b73B5DB5


Where do I add it manually on the MEW app? I don’t see where. When I try to add it on the bed app, it says it’s not a valid address

Maybe ask in the MEW Forum? I only use metamask wallet.

You need to switch the network to zkSync Era first, however, I’m not sure that is it ever possible to add a custom token contract there:

The MetaMask wallet should work out of the box, but it also allows to import tokens (add a custom token contract) directly in the application.

Thank you. I might just have to switch to meta mask like I’ve been thinking about ever since I opted in for Era. I gotta figure out how to go about it first though.

As far as I know, you can use the same seed phrase as in MEW and get all your addresses back.
But try to add a custom token contract via web app, connected to your MEW app.
doesn’t work, the web app doesn’t have zkSync Era.

You may also use an integrated browser directly in the MEW app.
doesn’t work too, throws some error message instead of connect.

So the only solution is to use a MetaMask wallet or zkSync Era block explorer, if you want only check your balance. You may also request a support of the MEW app to add a token.

Thanks. I’ll probably end up trying to setup metamask as I do want to check my balance but also be able to make transactions.

yes, same seedphrase = same adress, regardless of wallet. (in the same chain, eg: Ethereum.)
afaik you can use different wallets together.

Just put the seedprase in the metamask, no changes to any node config.

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So I imported my phrase into metamask and have my wallet on there now. I imported the Storj token but the balance is 0 still.

I see my balance of Storj on with the same wallet address as in my metamask and MEW wallets. Storj is not listed on though.

How do I access my Storj to send to others and other things?

You need to switch from the Ethereum mainnet to a zkSync Era mainnet
And likely import tokens (provide the token’s contract on zkSync Era).

On metamask? I don’t see those options.

first switch to era mainnet in the upper left, if neccesary add it.

then add the token with the contract adress.

Where do I get this information?

Various places of questionable reputation. I guess this one is safe.

I was just coming back here to comment that I found the info on the storj site.

Now when I try to add the storj token to zkSync Era, I can’t and it just says this even though this IS the correct contract address.

because adress is wrong.

I checked it for you, twice.

its the token-contract adress on era required.

My bad, I must’ve missed that last night. I’m confused as to why the address I found is plastered and listed everywhere as the one to use?

Its the one for ethereum mainnet. as era is relatively new, its a bit specific.

yea, me to, crypto is confusing.