Storj Notification of Node Offline

Hello again everyone. This afternoon I received an email from Brandon at STORJ notifying me that my node was offline and basically asking if there is any assistance that could be lent to get my node back online. As far as I know, my node is online but has been experiencing strange behavior over the past week. My node had been running flawlessly for over a month with a steady ingress and egress of data and last contact times ranging between 1-3 seconds. Post upgrade to latest STORJ version data ingress and egress slowed drastically and last contact times started ranging from 1-20 seconds. I looked on the forum and other operators were reporting similar issues and all indications seemed to point to this being normal right now on the new version. Over the past week or so, I have had no data come in or leave my node. Logs show no errors. According to the email I received from STORJ my node is offline but from what I can tell it should be communicating. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Try updating your SN to v0.22.1

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Thanks Josh, shouldn’t running the docker pull storjlabs/storagenode:beta command be sufficient to keep my node up on the latest version? I re-ran it and I’m still sitting at v0.20.1

I got the same email today. My node has been up(0.21.1) and pinging the entire time so it was puzzling to receive the email.

You could have another node with the same email, but it’s currently offline.
The last version is 0.22.1

After pulling the image you should stop and remove the container and run it back:


OK, I’m up to v 0.22.1 now. Problem was that I was running “–name storagenode storjlabs/storagenode:alpha” vs beta

The CLI Dashboard shows my node offline and the SNO Dashboard shows my node online. Logs appear to ok with the exception of some grpc errors for some uploads which I think is fairly normal. The SNO Dashboard showed some ingress and egress yesterday after I got the node back up and running but shows no activity over the past 12 hours. I really wish it were easier to tell if your node is actually functioning.

The online status is a little bit slow on the CLI dashboard, if you take a look on it right now, it would be online

Thanks again Alexey. Sure enough when I got home yesterday and checked the CLI Dashboard it was showing as online. A couple of observations.

-Last contact time no longer appears in my CLI Dashboard.
-Data Ingrees and Egress match between CLI and SNO but storage used does not. Storage used has been rising on CLI as expected but has not changed on SNO.
-Total data used matches between CLI and SNO but graph chart on the SNO dashboard does not show any data usage for the past couple days.

I’ll check on it again tonight to see if anything has changed.

Got home to check the status of my node data only to find it offline again. Looks like it had been upgraded to v 0.23.2. I removed and rebuilt the container but it’s still offline. No errors in the logs.

Ok, it’s back up. Both dashboards took a while over 5 minutes to report the node as online.