Storj or Tardigrade Changed charges?

Hi all,
i notice there has been some changes on the charges for 1TB @ 4USD storage and Bandwidth @ 7USD.

may i know are there any major changes when comes to 7 USD charges? previously was calculated for egress traffic right?
how is it now?

Hi @ZhiYuan

Good question. The $7 / TB bandwidth fee is still just for egress. Ingress bandwidth is not charged directly, but indirectly through the $4 / TB / month storage cost.

@jocelyn this could be clearer on the pricing page:


Good catch. I fully agree.
And it should explicitly state $0 for incoming bandwidth and $7 for outgoing bandwidth.

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You can also take a look on the documentation: How Billing is Calculated - Storj DCS

tardigrade no more? now all called Storj?


Storj DCS
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