Storj Payment Understanding

Hi right now my SNO dashboard is showing me 13$ and storj price are also too high right now. My question is this at the end of month how much storj i will be getting supposing the overall earning of my month is 20$ so will i get 20$ / (price of storj at that moment).

You will receive STORJ tokens in the next payout period (this a first 2 weeks of the next month for a previous) with a rate on date of payout.
All payouts are calculated in USD, and re-calculated to STORJ on send date.

@nitishxp I think you are also looking for this…

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No i was just studying the number of storj token i would get i was assuming storj will be paying coin eg. 1Tbm ~ 10 Coin something like that. But @Alexey told it will be paid according the USD price of storj so if the storj drops then i will get more coin as compared when storj price is high which i don’t think is good because i am using storj service and i should be getting paid in storj coin but in return i am getting USD.

The goal of Storj and Tardigrade above it - to offer the storage solution for customers, not the token itself.
The STORJ token just an utility token and used as a media for the payment process. All calculations - from Users’ side and from Storage Node Operator’s side are in USD.
As a User you can pay with STORJ tokens and have a discount, or you can pay with a credit card (and have no discounts). In both cases the balance will be in USD.
There is no point to made calculations in STORJ, because the price will fluctuate. It’s not what the customer want. Every customer want to have a stable price or discounts.


Ok understood thanks for clarification