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I have been running my only solo node on my network for quite some time and I noticed that I have generated some amount of funds:

But I checked under my zkScan and Etherscan accounts and I do not seem to have them there, as it is my understanding, that if I do not have any hold ups, I should be able to withdraw that amount.

I think you need to earn a bit more than 4 cents before you get paid (due to gas costs on eth and whatever zksync charges)

This doesnt look like a node that has been running for more then 1 day?

Well, this is what I can see curruntly:

CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                          COMMAND                  CREATED       STATUS      PORTS
40fef4b40555   storjlabs/storagenode:latest   "/entrypoint"            2 weeks ago   Up 2 days>14002/tcp,
:28967->28967/tcp,>28967/udp   node1
34993f603333   storjlabs/watchtower           "/watchtower node1 w…"   3 weeks ago   Up 2 days

And this is the statistic of my node:

Uptime 58h40m23s                                                                
                   Available         Used      Egress      Ingress              
     Bandwidth           N/A     83.10 GB     1.59 GB     81.52 GB (since May 1)
          Disk       0.78 TB     66.07 GB                                       

But I’m starting to believe that something isn’t quite right with the setup.

The payout once a month in the first two weeks of the next month. There are no micropayments implemented.
Maybe you enabled zkSync only in May? If so, it could receive its payout only in the next payout period. But earned sum is too small, perhaps it would be postponed until your node earned more.
By the way, do you see an “Undistributed payout” sum in the Payout Information?

Hmm I see, and I do understand the small generated amount so far, I just want to ensure myself that I know how the economic model works here. I enabled zkSync a few days ago actually, before that I used the default Ethereum network.

This is what I see under “Payout Information”:

I have had my hands on some documentations referring to the type of data and the way it is calculated, but what bothers me that I should have earned $0.01 under zkSync as of now based on the above statistic, correct?

Let me know your thoughts on this.

Since you enabled zkSync in the current month, your payout can be processed via zkSync only in the next payout period. What your node have earned you can see in the “undistributed payout” independently of wallet function. The bonuses are applied to the actual earned sum during payout.

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