Storj payout issue #2

hi, i was checking through my payout recently. i saw this pending payment in the explorer. what does it means?

and i do not remember using zksync in any of my nodes.

Storj Labs still sends payments from zkSync to ethereum main net. You just don’t receive it on zkSync L2. I’m not sure why it says pending though. Do the transaction details give any hints as to what’s going on?

One time i had issue with ZKSynk that money gone out from L2 but not received on my L1, make suport tiket to ZKsynk with transtaction ID information, they wil check and fix it


@alexey any thoughts ?

Did you made a suport tiket to zksynk, as it is not a resposibilitie of Storj, as it is on your account


As Vadim already suggested, you will need to contact zkSync support to get this issue resolved. Unfortunately, the Storj team won´t be able to help with this.


I’ll add to this. I never used zkSync with storj, I think it is optional for operators. But somehow:

How it this even possible? :wink:

sometime Storj use to send money to L1 by zksynk, when transfer fees are big, zksynk can make batch transfers to L1 with lower price.

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