Storj prices are fantastic, but AWS is still charging for the upload

I moved the webserver backup from EC2->S3 to EC2->StorjS3
without any issues and is working great.

The backup process generates ~500GB/M. on traffic
and AWS is charging me now for the Data-Out
around 60$/M. excl. tax for it.

This simply removes any coast benefit of Storj

Is there something that can be done?
Does storj maybe have an gateway in the AWS network?

Ideally, run the web server outside of AWS in a host with fair egress policies such as Hetzner or OVHcloud, anywhere but at a hyperscaler.

We realize this is not always practical so we can explore other options such as direct connect which can lower the egress costs by more than half. Currently, we do point connections for ingesting large amounts of data from hyperscalers. We however do not yet offer this for continual egress. As we grow we can explore opening these direct connections to each region at each hyperscaler.

Here is some detail on direct connects. As you can see we have to pay for the port hours per region and then if you take that path you would pay lower egress.


How long are you storing the backups?

Depends on the use case, for the webserver now 1x week full + 1x day increment
this already generates 500GB on traffic each month.
This is unrelated to the storage size

My solution for now is to increase the full backup period schedule

I migrated from OVH to AWS, because the hosted server on OVH was 3 weeks offline including the backup storage. This is one of the main reason why I don’t want to store the backup on AWS too.

Do you really need a full backup that often? Unless you are worried about the full backup becoming corrupt I don’t see why you would want it so often.