Storj-Reward dot com Scam

Has Anyone Else got a Transaction to his Storj-wallet (with insanely high Tx-costs) with this Domain Storj-Reward[dot]com in the Subject?^^

Domain wants to connect to your wallet, be careful, the website Uses the Storj-Logo etc.



I would strongly recommend editing your post to make that URL unclickable like storj-reward dot com. This will stop anyone accidently clicking and visiting the site.

@bre @Alexey Please notify relevant team.


Sure. Done.

Best wishes.

I see now on etherscan my address on Metamask received an airdrop of a supposed storj token 14 hours ago and fetch 17 days ago. Logically I didn’t see them in the wallet because they are probably not trusted tokens


It would be nice (and fitting) if Storj was a token on the Chia network, instead of ERC20. The ETH network is certainly more popular… but you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Chia isn’t a fitting at all. I would even say they are violating some of our core values by storing unencrypted files in the network. For legal reasons, I have to stay away from that. In my country, I could get in trouble for storing unencrypted files on my disk.

Chia isn’t storing any files in their network: it’s just a blockchain. I said it’s fitting because their transactions are finalized in blocks where the ‘work’ is done by looking for pre-created proofs stored in large files (“plots”). So Storj would be a project with data stored on HDDs… and the Storj coin could ride on a network protected by proofs stored on HDDs.

But I guess I’m getting way off-topic…the Storj token works fine as an ERC20. It just makes me smile to think of it being on a network that involves drives too :blush:

Ah sorry I mixed that up with sia.


these are quite opposing elements,imho

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Just be aware - we never perform any airdrops, so do not connect your wallets to scam sites.


Thank you for tagging!

Our Legal Team has been alerted.


please could you explain - how could a MEW wallet (for example) connect to this scam site?
can it do so without my knowledge and permission?

No, you need to click the link and allow to connect to the wallet (if you use it as a browser extension). This is exactly what you shouldn’t do on random scam sites.

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