Storj’s Crypto Operation

I have a few questions about Storj’s operation. First, have all the Storj token been generated or can Storj produce more whenever they need to? Second, what is Storj going to do if they run out of tokens to distribute?

They can’t produce more and they have large amounts timelocked in smart contracts.
If they run out they can buy from exchanges or uniswap like anyone else or get paid for services in storj

Or I suppose they could just move to another coin/chain and start again as some idiots keep demanding


You can read all token reports here: All Articles About Token Report

Please note - the STORJ token is an utility token, it can be used as a payment method when you use the Decentralized Cloud Storage. You will be paid in STORJ tokens as a service provider - Storage Node Operator.

All calculations are made in USD, and conversion is happened only on date of the transaction. If you pay for Cloud Storage in STORJ, they will be converted to USD +10% bonus to your balance.
When you earn enough as a Storage Node Operator (see Storage Node Operator Payout Information - Node Operator), the earned amount of USD will be send to you in STORJ tokens by the exchange rate on date of sending.

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