Storj S3 Bucket URL


First, I love Storj. It is a storage service that focuses on security, with flexibility well-improved. Thank you so much for Storj.

I’m starting to use Storj to store my Android ROM builds (you can say, a software). It works as expected, but now I have an idea to list all of files on the bucket.

Searched across Google & GitHub, I found some scripts to index S3 storage by using Bucket URL, and parse the response to get the result..

Turns out, Storj supports S3 gateway. So the idea is like above. However I found nothing on the docs nor forum questions that are related to Bucket URL.

What Bucket URL I mean is similar like: Does Storj has this?

Thank you very much. Feel free to ask more details, as I’m pretty bad at explaining question :stuck_out_tongue:

Script: GitHub - rufuspollock/s3-bucket-listing: Create nice directory listings for s3 buckets with javascript and HTML.

Absolutely, you can use linkshare to share an entire bucket or presigned URLs.

Linkshare - share - Storj DCS

Presigned URLs - Using presigned URLs - Storj DCS