Storj shared links are flagged as malicious by Virus total

I found that the Storj shared links are flagged as malicious by Virus total. How you explain this?

Its just 1 vendor out of 90 which is 0.01% that the link maybe malicious. This post will help Storj to rectify this and serve customers in a better way.

The mentioned vendor “CRDF” details:

@Bre Below is a link to file a false positive report.


It’s almost certainly just that they chose to blacklist Storj entirely. Due to the end to end encrypted nature it’s hard to prevent everyone from using Storj for malicious purposes. Though it’s strongly forbidden in the ToS and Storj has a responsible take down policy when they are notified. Unfortunately some parties just black list an entire domain when they get reports of a single of few malicious files being shared on it. Especially if it isn’t a more well known domain, like for example. While obviously every platform has at some point been used to share malicious files.

Luckily malicious usage on Storj isn’t rampant like on some other platforms who turn a blind eye to it. So this is probably just a matter of them needing to realize that Storj is a platform with user data and not a malicious site altogether. Reporting false positives would definitely help with that.


Thank you. The team is aware of this thread now.


thanks for your attention

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This is resolved, thank you for reporting.