Storj should maybe join GAIA-X?

AWS has joined:

You probably have never heard of GAIA-X. And if you heard of it, understanding what it is is hard. Honestly I am still trying to understand :face_with_monocle:.

But it seems to be the currently largest European initiative backed by European governments to get more independent from US-American IT dominance.

GAIA-X is based on pro-privacy European values and it is open even for Non-European companies who share the same values:

And while AWS is a big player who has joined, it is open for small and medium sized companies as well.

I don’t know where this leads to, but it sounds like another good fit for Storjlabs Tardigrade if they manage to get a foot into this door and offer decentralized strictly privacy storage tailored to users of this European cloud and data project.

We welcome all interested parties who want to contribute their domain-specific and technical requirements and who want to actively participate: Both by contributing technical expertise, by submitting new use cases and by an active and continuous participation in a working group. Please indicate your interest by sending an e-mail to



thanks @jammerdan i just dropped them a quick line introducing myself and saying a friendly hello. I agree the project seems interesting. Thanks for thinking of us!


Just sourcing some more links:

GAIA-X will start during the course of 2021. The first European companies and organisations to participate in the pan-European cloud project include Amadeus, Atos, Beckhoff, Bosch, BMW, DE-CIX, Deutsche Telekom, Docaposte, EDF, Fraunhofer, German Edge Cloud, Institut Mines Telecom, International Data Spaces Association, Orange, 3DS Outscale, OVHcloud, PlusServer, Safran, SAP, Scaleway and Siemens.

According to its own project statement, the project objectives are to be achieved by combining existing central and decentralised infrastructures to form a system which together form a “digital ecosystem”.


Great. Let’s hope this will bring something great to Tardigrade.