Storj SNO Dashboard not available on my network


is there a good instruction to access my SNO Dashboard on my network? I opened the port, but nothing helped. Do you have a hint?

Thanks in advance.


What about your system windows/docker in linux?

Sorry I missed that. Its a windows 10 .exe installation. (not docker)

did you opened findows firewall? also if you want see dashboard in local network, in config need to write pc network ip not localhost

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Try this

Open port 14002 inbound on all networks

Yes, port is open. Which point I need to change in the config file?

console.address:, if it is comented, then remoove coment mark

Thanks! That helped! :slight_smile:

how many nodes do you have there?

only one and not more

why not? i have 60+TB here runing ok worth it.

Half of my discs are empty.

do you use raid0, or raid 5