Storj Storage costs vs others

Hello, I’m a node operator… but from some years I’m using wasabi to save my backups…
that cost 6$ at month for one terabyte.

Why the price of storj storage is more higher?

I havent heard of this before it sounds like a Japanese food.
Looked it up and tested it I was able to upload at 45MB/s but then only download it at 7MB/s seems to be an ok site but I dont think its comparable to Amazon AWS though.

I haven’t downloaded yet my data,I use only for backup of data that already remain stored in my local raid array… it would be my third copy of my data … the so-called copy in case of natural disaster :sweat_smile:
In the case of public file storage I prefer to use my servers… flat bandwidth… 1gbps unmetered… why pay other systems… :slight_smile:

For server storage backup also I use Microsoft that give some various technology access to storage standards… Like cifs for hypervisors that can use this technologys to storage data…

And they can take your data and sell, because it’s unencrypted.

Storing data on servers that belong to someone else always carries more risk compared to storing data locally.
Though Storj is probably more secure than Microsoft or whatever (without additional encryption).

I think that the storage gateway approach is really really powerful. Like a revolution!

Now with the s3 gateway I can store data from any server from any data center over vswitch linked networks only writing the IP gateway as destination. If it will support other standards at the same time like cifs sftp webdav etc… will the big revolution! :slightly_smiling_face: Any kind of technology will use the storage really easy!

this is only a mater of time and will. Adopters can add all of them.

Amazon is powerful but also the budget needs to be a little up

Yeah but that is why its so much cheaper then Amazon because your loosing the benefits amazon AWS gives. Storj is trying to compete with them.

as every situation… “no money… no party” :joy: :joy:

Yeah of course everything depends on a budget, But if you wanna backup fast and download fast you pay more for it, Like I can upload to amazon S3 at over 100MB/s and download at 120MB/s But wasbi I uploaded at 45MB/s second time I uploaded barely made it to 6MB/s and then dropped out, I downloaded from wasbi and it barely could handle 7MB/s the second time I tried to download and it dropped out.

I use online storage only as the latest site after a complete disaster… like something near building crash … fire. etc… any data i store is saved twice …

Yea I get that, But when you are competing in a market you need to be able to compete with the high stakers. Remember Big companys that need lots of data will be using Storj mostly/maybe some customers. Were talking streaming service type data. Being able to get your data quick, having your data safely stored around the world.

Yes the service is wonderful.

@openaspace There was a discussion about storj and wasabi on reddit:
"On the surface Wasabi pricing looks amazing, but you have to read the fine print. If you store 1 TB in Wasabi, you can only take 1 TB out. So if you store a cat picture on Wasabi, you can’t download it twice.

Storj you can download the file as many times as you would like."

"For example, if you store 100 TB with Wasabi and download 100 TB or less within a monthly billing cycle, then your storage use case is a good fit for our free egress policy. If your monthly downloads exceed 100 TB, then your use case is not a good fit.

If your storage use case exceeds the guidelines of our free egress policy on a regular basis, we will contact you to change your pricing plan to one that involves paid egress or we may limit your egress. These actions would only be taken after informing you of the condition via a notification from Wasabi Customer Support. Please note we often have excess egress bandwidth available for customer usage and it is our goal to not apply any egress limits except in cases of where the egress used regularly exceeds our free egress policy."
But where are there paid egress plans? I can’t find them.

Seems like a good option for backups. Normally data is uploaded and deleted, rarely it’s downloaded and, at least from how it’s written if you exceed the limit (having to restore the same backup twice) once in a while it’s OK.

Not so good if you want to use it as a CDN or regular file storage.

On a consumer perspective maybe.
But I would never use this service as or for a company, because they don’t write down what the actual costs are. And there focus audience are companies [“hot storage”], that want to replace S3 (like Stroj), with a cheaper alternative.
I would stay away from any company with those kinda “hide follow-up costs” tactics.

It does not look so, since the “You cannot download every file twice in a month” is repeated multiple times. However like a lot of companies they annoyingly do not specify the full price, I guess if I was interested in using it as a CDN, I would ask for the full price before storing my data there.

/sorry for offtopic
Where have you read that? If I go to the pricing page they “aggressively” advertise “Unlike Amazon S3 and comparable services from Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, Wasabi does not charge for egress or API requests.”.
I’m not a lawyer but if you ask me this looks like a falsehood/lie. If they just want to prevent abusing the service by generating tons of egress traffic they could basically mention a limit/pricing somewhere and not just say, that you will receive an invoice where you have to pay $Notice: Undefined variable: abuse_price in \home\dev\null\abuseInvoiceGenerator.php on line 10/GB of extra egress traffic.