Storj to target industry giants?

According to Apple is now Google's largest corporate customer for cloud storage | AppleInsider

Apple is Googles largest customer, requiring 8 exabytes of storage capacity.
Apple is also using AWS for storage.
Other huge Google customers are TikTok with 470 petabytes, Spotify with 315 petabytes and Snapchat with 275 petabytes.

So how is Storj trying to target such high profile customers?



Snowflake would be a great partner I guess. They are using S3 buckets as a backend and have huge amounts of data…

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I truly believe there are many great partners out there to target. And also many ways to target them.


Interesting, this is significantly less data that I would have guessed…

We are talking about exabytes. And 3 digit petabytes. High availability low cost of egress.

Storj is far away from that use cases for Apple iCloud or such kind of storage

There is about 7PB free space on the network… remember when they said balanced growth? This is not that. The tech is quite solid and scalable, but it’s never a good idea to suddenly jump to 1000x scale. Let’s let it scale up with some smaller customers first, so it can attract more stable node operators and vet them over time.


I think it is extremely unlikely for such huge customers to fully switch over to Storj and even less likely in a short time frame. So a sudden jump to 1000x scale is not going to happen.