STORJ token unverified on zkSync Era?

Hey there, I opted into zkSync Era a while ago and just now added the network to my MetaMask portfolio.

There I noticed, that it is the only token that has a warning “Unverified Token” around it with an orange exclamation mark. I also own USDC on Era, which doesn’t have the same warning, and it also doesn’t show for my STORJ tokens on other networks.

Why is that and how to get rid of it? As for now, it seems that unverified tokens have restricted functions and they are not added to the sum total in the portfolio (see screenshot).

I can’t reproduce that, in MMbrowser extension its without mark(and also no summary)
but if i look at and my wallet adress.
its all there, even with the 0xA0806DA7835a4E63dB2CE44A2b622eF8b73B5DB5 Token adress, (wich i added manualy to MMbrowser extension) sum of the worth, etc.

Massadopshen? No, we haven’t heard of it.

just wait, or wait until you can bridge back for less than 3% fee.
Liquidity will be build (a bit at least, from me.) but it needs time.
Just forget swaping for a year or 2.

Liquidity pool exist on Syncswap and Pancake. But I can’t swap directly in Metamask or 1inch

@daki82 Do you also use the MetaMask Portfolio or just the browser extension?

@splxgf Please if you have an issue unrelated don’t hijack this thread… or do I miss the relation?

Browser only.
Never heard of Portfolio.
That may be the reason.

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Thanks! So that means there are not enough 3rd party sources which confirm the validity of the STORJ token on Era.

You can use for portfolio.