Storj Town Hall June 12, 2024

Storj Town Hall June 12, 2024


Learn about our latest achievements, highlights, and what to expect from Storj in the coming months.

We hold quarterly Town Hall sessions to keep our customers, partners, and community up-to-date on all the latest from Storj.


I’d like to hear about the relative progress of the deleting-forever-free-data task, the capacity-reservation task, and the simulated-customer-workload-performance-testing task. As they sometimes seem to align: and sometimes seem to conflict with each other.

I think what I’ve seen is that the performance targets have been met: so we should be coasting through a couple months of capacity-reservation offsetting old free data still being deleted?

(I know this isn’t an AMA event - but a man can dream :wink: )


I’ve passed this question on internally


How do you plan to attract nodes in India and Africa? There is a completely different pricing policy :slight_smile:

Is the normal $1.50/TB/m for SNOs not enough? (or are India and Africa customers willing to pay more than $4/TB/m as clients?). I would have thought lower wages and higher hardware costs would make it even more important to squeeze $$$ from any spare capacity you have.

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I’ve ran the whisper model on the town hall recording.

Storj is transcribed as Storjay or StorageA. We need more audio with Storj to have future iterations of AI know the proper transcription.