Storj - Updating Total Disk space

my first drive was 1 TB but have copied everything to the new drive ( Seagate 8 TB Drive ) and its running on that, can someone please advise how I can update the total to use 7 TBS instead of 1 TB


If you are using docker, update the STORAGE environment variable.

Otherwise, edit the config.yaml file.

In both cases you need to restart the node after editing.

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total storage on the drive is 7.27 should I set it to 7.2 or just leave at 7 TB ?

You should leave some free space on the disk so that the filesystem has some breathing room.

Windows actually reports disk in TiB, (i.e. 8TB = 7.27 TiB), but storj expects TB. You can start with 7.5TB.

it’s a 8 TB drive size and the total capacity is 7.27 I have put just 7 TB for storage so
270 gigs are still free. Guessing that should be okay.

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You actualy have 1TB free, if the drive isn’t used for something else. It’s less in TiB.
I use the same value for my 8TB drives (7.27TiB). TB is in 1000 base, TiB is in 1024 base.
Windows reports TB, but they are TiB.
Storagenode uses by default TB in 1000 base.
The HDD vendor spacifies drive capacity in TB in 1000 base.
You can spacify the allocated space as TB in 1000 base or TiB in 1024 base. Just use the correct unit in config or docker run. It’s easier in TB.

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Just for Storj, not used for anything else

We still recommend to have some free space for a safety - we could introduce a bug, so if your node wouldn’t have a free space, it could crash.