Storj v3 it doesn't install on my vps

hi. when i want to install storj v3 storage node setup, during installation it stop and says that " there is a problem with this windows installer package. a program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. contact your support personnel or package vendor. "
i am trying to run this node on a vps running windows server 2019 build 17763 and i have a network drive. sorry my english is not good but i am trying to get help.

storj not work with network drive, it shold be local drive or USB drive

thanks. in Storage Node - Node Operator it says that " A network-attached storage location may work, but this is neither supported nor recommended! " are you sure that it wont work?

SQLite not work over network, may be it work if you make databases localy and data over network.

It could work only in case when both - server and client are Windows and you use SMB. But it’s not supported anyway and can stop working in any moment.
If you want to use a network attached storage any cost - you can use the iSCSI.

Well I can tell it is possible to do it using SAMBA. Now yes if you directly connect a SAMBA share it will not let you choose it.
There is a work around in windows I found which I will not disclose as I am against people using it. Because this work around has a big issue it can easily corrupt the data.

I’m guessing you bought a VPS from someone like OVH or some third party and trying to connect your local home storage to the VPS so it has large volume. I can personally say that this works I found later a much more stable version of how to deal with remote VPS that is secure and stable though requires a lot of maintenance.

MY advice have local storage even for VPS. Remote storage is too much hassle

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