Storj V3 Storage Node not run (in the services section)

Hi al.
my problem, Storj node
does not work in the services section.
The service stops automatically every time I start it.

( Stop/Shutdown request received.)
I will be glad if you help me

That’s not showing what’s stopping the service.

  • Are there more log file entries showing the start-up?
  • How long is the service started before it stops?
  • Check the event viewer to see if there’s anything listed under the reason for the service stopping?

Hello @Apsolite,
Welcome to the forum!

This message is showed when you (or software) is called to stop the service.
It could be updater.
Please, give me logs from the updater:

Get-Content -Tail 20 "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode-updater.log

Thanks All
I solved the problem…

Would you care to share what the solution was?
It might help others :slight_smile: