Storj Web Dashboard Connection Refuse


When I go to my dashboard it will look like the picture.
What can I do?

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You should try

The screenshot looks like they’re trying to access their node from a mobile device.

The first thing to check is whether port 14002 is properly open on the Internet provider router.
This said, in my case it does not support the ‘back loop’ feature, which means that I personnally can use the Ddns address from outside my house (e.g. whereas I do have to use my node’s local address when at home, connected to my box (e.g.

Yes i have and it also dont work

I have open the port 14002 with Tcp on my router.

Maybe share with us the command you used to start your node, after removing personal data (email, wallet address, …).

Also, would be usefull to check whether your node’s up and running with ‘docker ps -a’.
Maybe check the node’s logs too.

The “restarting (1) 35 seconds ago” status doesn’t look good, I guess the container cannot manage to start properly.

Does this container output some logs?

What do you mean

How can I do that it doesnt restart.

My guess is that it keeps restarting, so maybe it outputs some useful logs at every attempt, before exiting?

I have remove it and start it new

Where can i find the logs??

Something like this:

docker logs --tail 30 storagenode

I think i must open it manual but wich should i open?

I’m not sure what you mean.
Considering you node has been named ‘storagenode’, doesn’t the ‘docker logs’ command above give some results?

I would have double checked on my node if I could, but it just crashed while trying to SSH to it this morning…
And I’m not gonna be at home for the next few days to check what went wrong…

Maybe it’s the end for my node :confused:

No the the logs dont give some results.

Is there a official storj support??

There is but I guess the forum is the best option for trouble shooting technical issues.

Maybe you need someone who’s more technical than me to help you with this. They may jump in in here eventually.

Search the forum for “node keeps restarting” or similar, there are plenty of other people who faced similar issues.

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It’s not recommended to open the dashboard to the internet.