Storj web dashboard problems

Storj says it’s offline in the web dashboard but online in the cli dashboard. Should I be doing anything?


I am running the storagenode docker container and the watchtower container.

I just looked at the web dashboard on my laptop in Brave Browser and Microsoft Edge and it says the status is Online and everything looks correct. But on my desktop it says offline on Microsoft Edge and Librewolf. I think it’s a browser settings thing. If anyone else has any suggestions let me know.

May be F5 in brouser helps?

You try Ctrl + F5 or clear browser’s cache

Please try ctrl-shift-R in internet browser

All of these solutions didn’t work.

Please posts 20 last lines from your logs. Preferably - with filter to show only ERROR lines.
And also - did you try another browser? And where you check your web dashboard - locally or from the other host in your network?