Storj - Week +27.69%

Hello together

I have made a few thoughts about the #storj price. He was short this week at $0.50 was pretty cool. But it also has disadvantages, we as NOTE operators get less coins, so far the price doesn’t go down without loss but when it goes back to its old level with loss. personally I think it would be better if the price doesn’t explode but goes up slowly. We need more customers and more distribution and only then the price can go up. I would rather have more traffic than a price of $1 or more, otherwise there is a pump and dump thing.

How do you deal with this, is it more of a hobby for you or do you also look for profit?

PS: I will dump my coins, if the price drops there will be no more loss. :wink:


Price is sticked to etherium, so if Ether go up or down so storj do the same.

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I´m pretty happy with this last surge, just paid all the money invested in dedicated equipment :slight_smile:
Expanding with 12TB more :slight_smile:


i don’t see how it is a disadvantage… we get paid in dollar value… sure the prices change from time to time… but that just means we can choose to gamble if we want… best of both worlds imo

we can depend on our estimated earnings, if we sell them about when we got the payout…

and if not we can hodl and hope prices go up… nobody can predict what the value will be in a year or 5 and since it’s not really directly affecting tardigrade prices it doesn’t really matter… its just an investor playground and a distributed SNO payout solution.

27%+ … for today… storj token prices have done incredible for a bit… when i started in march the prices was 0.65$ thats nearly a like 8x in just about half a year…


It was .05024 on march 13th about 6 month ago, the last time it worth .65 was in June 2018 2 years ago, on its way down from $2.80 in Jan 18
We get pay in Storj with huge transaction fee to convert it back in USD.
The customer pay the service in USD the SNO are paid in USD per gigabytes, I have no clue on what this Storj token, expensive for the network to pay the SNO and for SNO to get paid does in the middle.

The term “expensive” is a relative term.

What are the costs, both monetary and legal, for an alternative payment?

The rise in price of STORJ is fun to watch. I hope it’s a sign of platform acceptance and not simply an artifact of arbitrage bots. Unfortunately for my own wallet… I sold my small stash a few days ago, when gas prices seemed to hit a minimum and STORJ seemed to be sliding down from a maximum.

Oh well! Gambling was never my thing anyway.

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When the network need to pay a $4 transaction fee for a few dollars payout I call it expensive. The alternative I see would be a cash back on your credit card, it has fees as well which could be deducted from the payout, but seeing cash coming to your bank account is motivating for the SNO to stay and improve its node.
Don’t be sorry about your sale. When you see the daily transaction been twice market cap of Storj its pure speculation. Its likely to fall as fast as it rose if not faster. :smiley:

i kinda feel like selling the small stash i have gotten thus far… really bad at myself for not actually being around and loading on on tokens for the almost 2 years when i had the server running anyways… just didn’t really have any worthwhile capacity on it…
so didn’t bother… i see now that it might have been a pretty stupid move… but i’m sure the prices will keep going up or down… most likely both…

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It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.
–Yogi Berra

And about that $100 in BTC that I didn’t purchase in 2011.


I feel your pain. I spent almost $1000 worth of STORJ tokens on new HDD’s for my node, thinking that would be a good investment for future income. And then the value tripled. But who knows… it may as well come back down at some point. The jury is still out on whether all of this has been a bad move. And besides, I’m more interested in actual income from STORJ than token fluctuations. That said… I wouldn’t have said no to $2000 of extra income…

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Spiked to $0.67 !


Hopefully this is a result of the all the activity announced through the Townhall this week. I love it! It’s good to see a project that has something real being produced become successful.

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Like I didn’t feel bad enough yet, haha.


I will prefer it rize after payout to sno, if tokeh have high price, there is big posibilitie it drops fast after more coins on market.

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Of course getting paid in low price STORJ and selling high priced STORJ one hour later would be awesome!

But, alas… Lady Luck didn’t ask me this time around…

yeah the price is nice but I don’t want to get paid when it’s at $0.67 and the next days it drops back to $0.2… I’d prefer if the price stays within 10% over 1 year :smiley: Less reasons to speculate or sell STORJ to prevent money loss.

She never does. :slight_smile:

I mean I could complain, but honestly I’ve been well paid for hardware that has basically been running without additional costs. I’m not going to complain. What little I had left in STORJ tokens now became worth something again. I’ll take what I can get. And even if the price doesn’t drop before payout. It’s been a good month. So the pay will be decent even without a rise in token value.

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keeping unstable prices stable is basically how margin trading earns money…
and besides if you want your price to be stable… you simply exchange to dollar every payout…
there are better ways tho

I convert my storj to eth every payout so the price of storj doesn’t really matter to me, so as long as eth doesnt drop in price :frowning: then its a bad day.

$471 at the moment and rising fast… along with gas price at $4.50 per transaction… again…

My grand prediction… of course it will prove true :slight_smile: … is ETH will hit $1200 by Dec 31.

I hope so cause that would be amazing.