Storjnet Map info accuracy

when I try to find my node on map section of: it’s not there. closest little blue square is like ~1 km from my location.

Does the map move the little blue square by that much for privacy reasons? Or is my node just not showing up?

I should mention my node is in it’s 3rd month so I’m not sure if I’m fully vetted yet.

I suspect it uses your ISP’s IP Geolocation, which can be of variable accuracy.
I, for one, would very much not like my precise location to be on a Storjnet Map or any other public map for that matter.
1 Km is actually pretty close. Mine shows nothing anywhere near me, which suits me fine :wink:


Edit: oops! I was replying about what we do for the map on the link.<region> service, like this link: videos | Storj DCS
Storj doesn’t run, so we’ll have to let the owner of answer!

The following is about link.<region>

We deliberately do not want to show meter-level accuracy.

Last I checked, we were accomplishing this either one of two ways (or both?) - only geo-locating your IP’s 255 network, and/or only using a city-level GeoIP database.

1km is indeed pretty accurate, considering!


There would be privacy concerns if it was precise location, Aka alot of law suits Many of us wouldnt be running nodes if it was based on our addresses.

The map gets locations from GeoIP City database, which resolves an IP to a city at best. Sometimes location is wrong and sometimes it can’t get city at all. You can check your node IP manually via

When sending to a browser, each location is packed into 4 bytes (2 bytes longitude, 2 bytes latitude). Thus, the accuracy (whatever it was) is reduced to ~0.5 km.

And when drawing, nodes are additionally scattered by ±500 meters, so that large cities look like “fat” points while zooming.

So… If your node appears just 1 km away from its real location, that’s a pretty accurate result :slight_smile: