Storjnode Docker containers keep restarting

Help! I dont know whats happened - at around 5pm today (5 hours ago) the two nodes I have running on a PI crapped out - the containers keep restarting…
Its been running for months and I havent touched it
My other node on an Odroid (so seperate box, is fine) - I can’t see what wrong with it…
Tried all the usual start / stop nodes. RM’d the containers and reinstalled - all fruitless…
Stopped nodes and restarted the Pi…

I am running out of idea’s - I need some wisdom…



(The timing might suggest an upgrade just happened)
Have you had a look in your logs to see what the problem is?
docker logs storagenodename

Long story - but I don’t have the logs anymore - I have no time to try to resolve this so I took what I thought was a quick option to re-image my flash card in the PI with an image that is about 6 weeks old that was working fine…
Now the storj version is out of date…

2020-08-19T12:52:48.680Z INFO Configuration loaded {“Location”: “/app/config/config.yaml”}

2020-08-19T12:52:48.683Z INFO Operator email {“Address”: “XXX”}

2020-08-19T12:52:48.683Z INFO Operator wallet {“Address”: “0xC60D0B6F14941e65A28E2d8cec641D22730f63D8”}

2020-08-19T12:52:50.087Z WARN version version not allowed/outdated {“current version”: “1.5.2”, “minimum allowed version”: “v1.6.0”}

2020-08-19T12:52:50.088Z FATAL Unrecoverable error {“error”: “outdated software version (v1.5.2), please update”}

But that wouldnt cause continual container restarts would it?

I don’t think downgrading is allowed because of database compatibility. You might be forced to pull the latest docker image and fix the error that that version tells you

Mmm, maybe you are right - I stopped, removed and manually pulled the latest image with “docker pull storjlabs/storagenode:latest” but I still see this error

2020-08-19T13:03:44.343Z INFO Configuration loaded {“Location”: “/app/config/config.yaml”}

2020-08-19T13:03:44.347Z INFO Operator email {“Address”: “XXX”}

2020-08-19T13:03:44.347Z INFO Operator wallet {“Address”: “0xC60D0B6F14941e65A28E2d8cec641D22730f63D8”}

2020-08-19T13:03:45.528Z WARN version version not allowed/outdated {“current version”: “1.5.2”, “minimum allowed version”: “v1.6.0”}

2020-08-19T13:03:45.528Z FATAL Unrecoverable error {“error”: “outdated software version (v1.5.2), please update”}

My gungho ‘quick fix’ has cost me more time :frowning:

The storj start command recommendation was recently changed from beta to latest. Did you check your startup command uses “latest”?
(I’ve got the day off work but I’ll let the experts takeover :smiley: )

Make sure your run command actually uses the :latest tag and isn’t still using the :beta tag.

edit: @andrew2.hart beat me to it. :slight_smile:

You guys are spot on - thanks !!!

I didnt know that and still had the beta tag - now its all good again !

I notice the node that shit itself is now 1.10.1 and the node that is still working is 1.9.5 still - I’m guessing an upgrade earlier today broke it.

Thanks for the assist - much appreciated !


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Yea - just noticed that :slight_smile: