Storjs transferred on Dashboard payout information history

It can be a bit of a bother to figure out if payouts are correct or not, when looking at the dashboard payout information history.

This can be greatly alleviated by the addition of Dollar to Storj Token conversion values from the time of payout.

maybe simply add another line below Net Total something like Tokens / Storj Transferred.

Anyways that’s all… so brief i know! it’s weird…

sorry out of votes… again… but +1

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Out of votes too :confused:
But +1
Edit: could add my vote in the end.

I always revoke my votes on old ideas. Or which ones were implemented.

Maybe that helps in your case too?


Never realized we did not get our votes back when a “votable” topic got closed. That’s unexpected!

Thanks for the heads up, could add my vote to this thread in the end! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


Voted! will definitely make it easier to track it.

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