Strange data in the payout page on dashboard

Hi, I had strange issue before where I couldn’t see any data on my main dashboard page (it showed 0s) while i was stuck with this issue and tried reinstalling the docker, updating so on it was offline for days.

Later I found that the my SMR drive was overloaded and the DB got locked for saving bandwith data. (I enabled caching and now its fine)

But, since these offline day I have lot of trash data (which is fine i guess because of offline days) but i am also having decent amount of ingress and egress.

I red I maybe suspended or disqualified but I can’t see the big warning message only the red triangles for the nodes.

Main dashboard page screen

But in the payout page I see only like kBs of data.

Payout page screen

Am I in suspension and thats why I don’t getting paid or what can be the problem?

If Im in suspension then I have to be 100% online for the next 30 day if I found that right?

Thank You in advance!

Hi @redgyuf

Your node is not suspended or disqualified. Like you say the red triangles are just warnings for you to check everything is ok, which it now looks to be.

You reinstalled docker so the .db files were most likely wiped and recreated. Keep your node online without further errors or downtime, and the payout page should update with information from the satellites.

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databases will be re-created only if there is no one database in the data location, in other cases they will remain the same.
However, if no records has been added due to lock errors, they will not be different from re-created databases, since they do not have a past usage, so probably your current estimation on the payout page is wrong. However, all real calculations are happened on the satellites based on reports from your node and customers.
If now all problems are solved and you do not have lock errors anymore, then your stat should be collected properly.