Strange issue opening buckets with mac ftp clients please help

Hi everybody hope you’re doing well and staying safe I’m running the following FTP clients on Mac OS X forklift and transmit five I am using them both to connect to us to storj. I am encountering a very strange issue I’m wondering if somebody could please help. I created two buckets using the web interface both within cryptic passwords one for backing up my Mac and one for storing files. The one for backing up my Mac has objects in it and the one for storing files currently has a single folder. When I open the MacBook backup bucket with both of the clients I can see and access the folders however when I open up the other bucket with only one folder in it I cannot see the folder and it comes up as empty with both transmit5 and forklift.
As both buckets have encryption passwords and both buckets have been created with the same encryption, I don’t understand why the second bucket won’t show me the folder inside it. Does anybody know what the problem could be your help with this problem would be most welcome thank you very much kind regards trey.

The main issue - is to use different encryption phrases for objects. To see these objects you need to provide their encryption phrase used during upload. So in case of application you will be forced to use two connections - one with S3 credentials with the first encryption phrase, the second one with the second encryption phrase.
Please note, the encryption phrase is not tied with a bucket, it’s used to encrypt/decrypt your objects in any bucket.
Please also note - if your application uses an own encryption above Storj encryption, they are not replace each other, the Storj encryption is integrated to the network.
So, to see objects uploaded with the one encryption phrase you must use it, you will not see objects, encrypted with the second encryption phrase and vice versa.

Please also take a look on Cyberduck - Storj DCS Docs or FileZilla - Storj DCS Docs, they are easy to configure and use.
If you want to use any s3-compatible application, make sure to provide not only Access Key and Secret Key, but also Endpoint. Some accept it in the format, some