Strange network behavor, data ammount shared between nodes not equeal

I have nodes on same /24 network.

Problem is than Data Ingres is not shared logicaly.

Some nodes has 25-30GB ingress, other has 500mb ingress. Thay sharing 1 connection.
some difference, then slow node was full for some time, and now as olld data deletion has new free space. some has 100GB free other has 1,2TB free after deletion.

So there is big question is there some bug that not allow new data income?

Have you checked the logs for the reported free space? (because that is still different from the amount shown on the dashboard)

I have 3 nodes in my subnet, 2 are full. But every time space becomes available, the ingress is split evenly between the nodes until it is full again.

There have been a few code changes in node selection, but as far as I can tell nothing that would select one node over another, unless one of the nodes is new.

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I discovered the diference.

As this nodes was previos full, they not not got data from new test sattelite.
So thay are not veeted yet on new test sattelite. But other that are newer and had space already veeted.