Strange score Online

Why is the online score on one satellite so low ?

I have 3 nodes in the same server and i have this problem just on this node.
it was offline 2-3 days for the update version (it has no reboot and i has in holiday )

my guess, based on the numbers itself, it looks like the node is new and not wetted yet. And it was offline at one from three audits (66.67%).

i have the same, 3 months young node and it takes fascinating long, to get up from 89% online score (now 91%).

so take your time and let your node climb up again.

To fully recover the node should be online for the next 30 days. Each downtime requires additional 30 days online, see How is the online score calculated? - Storj Node Operator Docs

Thanks @Alexey
But , when the node do the automatic update is offline so 30 days it is not possible ?

The update usually take down the node short enough to be noticed by the satellite, so your online score should not be affected.
However, there is a probability to miss a one audit during update. If your node have enough answered audits in the current 30 days window, it likely will not affect your online score too.
But the new node from the other side could be affected, if it doesn’t have enough audits yet. And it should recover much more quickly for the same reason, see the article above.