Strange upload behavior

I was doing some test with upload and download speed and i noticed it’s very unstable. Upload stays stuck for some time then it rushes at 70mbs(i capped it) and the same happens for download.
I tought that maybe was my slow hdd, i tried on the ssd but i got the same issue.
I have ryzen 5 1600 and while uploading it gets to max 10% usage so where’s the bottleneck? is it a network problem or just its nature?
Right now i’m uploading 10Gb file from my HDD and it’s taking ages, doing some math, at 70mbs speed it should take not more than 25 minutes but in this case it has been uploading for an hour and it has only uploaded 6 gb out of 10.
Am i doing something wrong? I’m just a newbie

can you describe more about your envirement, do you use cable connection or wifi?
DNS servers? what is CPU utilization? As file is geting encryption on your side may be cpu cant get encryption so fast? what version do you use?

Your “unstable” upload speed probably refers to what the uplink cli reports? The short explanation is that this doesn’t work correctly, you would need other tools to determine the current upload speed. But you can calculate the upload speed from the time the upload takes.
You also need to take into account that each files is basically uploaded 3 times for redundancy, so you actually upload 30GB instead of 10GB and therefore it takes a lot longer than expected.

I have ryzen 5 1600, 8gb of ram, 256 gb ssd + 3tb hdd combo and GTX 1050ti(I don’t think it matters).
My PC is connected through lan and I have FTTH 1000mbs down and 100 up.

Yeah I saw it “spiking” rushing from stuck to full speed.

Actually I did it, not very precise because I wasn’t paying attention to that but the download took something like 3 hours (and it’s still above the time it should take at 70mbs).
Didn’t know that the file is uploaded three times its size but I imagined it cause I saw a way bigger upload data usage than my file size.

Another question:
Why the customer has to upload three times the size?
I mean, why can’t do it the satellite?
The satellite receives 10gb of data then it sends it to at least 3 different nodes, am I wrong? I’m Just curious and not very expert

You sending files not to sattelite but, directly to nodes. 3 time is because of redundency. file devided to 64(default) mb segments each has 80 pieces. and in begining there is 110 pieses (as you reach 80 succesfully uploaded, then it cancel all others). It made this way to deliver redundency from begining to end. Sattelite only is address holder and manager, it not load or download files.

Oh now I got it, very interesting!
Thanks for the answers but what’s the issue with my upload speed?
(I tried another download and it reached 150/200mbs, not bad)

Some updates on that issue can be found here: