Streaming on tardigrade

I recently started trying out Tardigrade, and uploading files went fine. I’m looking for a way to stream my uploaded video files.

I noticed in the documentation of Tardigrade that it was only explained how to set this up using AWS, but i’d prefer to stream directly from Storj to my own device. No tutorials about this exist on the youtube or FAQ sections. Is there any way to do this?

The tutorial I mentioned is found here, yet it uses a local network

If you wanted to stream from outside of your network you can run Uplink S3 Gateway and open your public IP and port and you can connect that way to stream outside of your network. You could setup a domain and point it to your IP address etc.

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You can use a uplink share to get an URL to the file or bucket and everyone can see it who will have a link:


a service like youtube can help you with this issue without any problems

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Please don’t forget to calculate beforehand how much data you would stream- it can be expensive!