Streaming video direct from Tardigrade?

In the ‘Common use cases’ it talks about using Tardigrade for Multimedia streaming

I’ve been trying to get this working. I DID previously have video streaming directly from a Tardigrade share URL but this no longer seems to work - instead I’m given a page with a download button now.

I’ve looked around the forums, and found this: [DEMO] Code to upload, serve and download video from a web page (JT video)

but that basically streams THROUGH a server, which to me defeats the whole purpose of streaming from Tardigrade - i.e. incurs bandwidth costs @ Tardigrade AND wherever my server is hosted.

Surely it must be possible to create a read-only share URL that will stream if used in an embedded Video player? If not, then I’d say that Common Use case needs to be removed because Tardigrade does NOT actually function for streaming video

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You cannot stream directly from tardigrade network without a proxy (your own server or a service provided - share link). This is because storj is using drpc (fork of grpc) which cannot be interacted with from browser. I think only use case tardigrade network has right now that does not require browser. I hope they resolve this issue soon and support direct interaction with nodes through browsers. That is when we will see huge adoption - that is were the biggest market is.

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We are working on it :slight_smile:
You can add a ?view at the end of the link. Take a look on the banner for Townhall :wink:

Also, you can use an S3 Gateway for that:


Ah sweet - that’s perfect.

I did optimistically try adding ?stream to the URL before posting

Thanks for the quick response