Sudden and unexpected increase in online score


I’ve been running my node for more than 6 months. It was a node of 2TB and it had an audit score of 99% in almost all the satellites except, which was about 96% more or less (i don’t know the specific number, but I remember that the color was in yellow). It was in yellow color for at least 1 or 2 months with a very very slow increase ratio. The node filled two weeks ago more or less from now.

3 or 4 days ago, I migrated the node to a new disk with rsync, performing all the documented stuff, and the migration was successfull. At the same time, I increased the storagenode capacity from 2TB to 6TB (from 1.8 to 5.6 to be precise).

But since then, 2 things not normal, have happened:

  1. The first is that my audit score of saltlake.tardigrade has increased more than 4% in just a week, and I don’t know why this suddenly change and why the increase has been so much compared to the previous period.

This capture shows all the audit score after I realized that saltlake was growing fast.

This capture is right now. Saltlake is already at 99% it’s been months since last time it was at 99% in saltlake.

  1. Since the migration (it was 3-4 days ago), the inputs are considerabely lower compared with other nodes I have. In particular in Ingress-used, which is about the 30% of the others (4-5Gb in the affected node vs 14-15Gb in the others)

Well, thats all.

What is your question ?

My question is if anyone can confirm than everything is ok and explain the two behaviours described.

In your pictures all the audit scores are 100%, not 96% or 99%…

That’s easy to explain. The uptime score is on a one month roll. So your downtime has expired

yeah like andrew wrote, just think of online score as your avg online time over the last 30 days, should match up fairly accurately, when a node isn’t very new.

pretty challenging to keep it at 99% or better lol