Sudden drop in incoming data

Hi, all! I may have some problem with my 2 storj nodes: I still have plenty of space 75% free, but the amount of incoming data suddenly dropped from 4-5GB/day/node to 0.5-1GB/day/node. I have no suspension, audits are 100% and the worst online rate is well over 99%, so these should not be an issue. I have already updated to 1.20.2, but did not help. My bandwidth should not be an issue either, I have just measured it, and it was 700/800Mbps (down/up), winchester can do 100-120MBps. What else can be a problem? What else should I check? Thanks!

Uploading data to a node depends on uploading files by users of the tardigrade service.
I attach a screenshot of the data loading by my node.
In recent days, little data is being loaded on my node too.


Thanks, it’s about the same at me. Last time, when I had drop, it went down to 0, while I finally found it out that the problem was the old version (I did not update the docker image), so probably I was a bit oversuspicious now.

If you see, that your node is not updated even in a two weeks after the announce in the then it probably is.