Sudden drop of trafic

Am I the only one getting a significant drop of traffic ?

Any maintenance on satellites scheduled right now ?

You cant expect there to be traffic 24/7 its just the way it works.

Ok i can understand that. It’s just that it’s happening only once or 2 every weeks. 0 trafic for around one hour.

Well its kinda expected you know, With everything happening in the world right now people probably have other things they have to worry about.


I had the same issue yesterday. I know that traffic comes from the use but it was quite odd to go completely flat for few hours after stormy few days so I went to investigate.
I checked docker logs - no errors there but no traffic either
I restarted docker - the same as above
I restarted machine, start docker and checked logs, now I noticed error about system time that is not aligned with satellite - I haven’t touch it to this point, it was set to get correct time from google servers. I set system time manually and have restarted a node. It helped.
I don’t know why does it happen just out of blue. Maybe someone can comment on a cause.

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The clock out of sync could have such consequences. It’s better to have a synced clock.

But for some reason this was the problem that my machine sync the time with google servers (the time between satellite and my machine was skewed by a timezone when I got it on auto). I run my node in the same config for more than 9 months (So even passed thru Daylight Saving Time on auto without any problems). When I switched to setting the date manually then everything was OK. From now on I will keep it on manual but I’m wondering what will happen on next Daylight Saving Time change.